• Before you die ?!

    Before you die takes you from death to birth and back, and will change your perception of life and death completely.


    Dying is not a glitch. Contrary, dying makes you strive

    We’ll help you find out what for.


    We use this as a perfect introduction to welcome you into a world

    where dealing with disease and managing emotions and stress, will no more be the same.

    Where your health creates wealth and happiness


    Because that is what will become fashionable.

    We showcase live how fashion will start to suit you better. Provide you truly augmented experiences.

    To become your guardian angel, your omnipresent vitality coach, with the ambition to keep you healthy and happy.

    Remember big marshmallow inflatable robodoc Baymax from BigHero 6? What if he would fit around your body?


    User interfaces of the future, the end of smartphone hegemony, untamed design thinking to catapult you

    a world where one gets ill no more.

    And you will ask yourself, indeed, why not?


    An experience at the crossroads of the arts, design, biology, technology and coolness,

    mixed with business models from different verticals.


    Trusted by their respective peers as leading the pack, for the first time together in a visual mastery.

    We like to invite you inside the visionary brains of KK and JR, currently probably the best contemporary speakers duo of the world.


    Welcome to an evening to remember.

    Welcome to what you wanne see and know before you die


    Koen Kas

    Healthcare visionary

    Koen is driven by the aim to make healthcare delightful, personalized & preventive. He published his vision in a book ( "Ill no more"), widely covered by press & media. In it he describes how we will transition from reactive sickcare to pro-active healthcare. A follow-up is in the making.

    He is founding CEO of HealthSkouts and InBioVeritas & Partner at HealthStartup.eu, a social network of emerging healthcare startups

    Koen has over hundred keynotes under his belt, including Fortune 500 companies. Koen inspires, ideates and facilitates innovative disruptions in healthcare, helps corporates to unlock unknown unknowns, organises hackatons, and creates novel digital health startups. He serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of 10 pioneering healthcare companies & investors. Before, he spent 15 years in Executive positions at 4 leading biotech companies. He is professor Oncology at Ghent University.

    Jasna Rokegem

    Fashiontech queen & universe creator

    Jasna Rokegem, a young and energetic pioneer in combining innovative fashion and cutting-edge technology. Not only in creating unique projects and collections, but also in bringing these to life by using techniques such as virtual and augmented reality. She has a strong vision on the clothing of the future and how it can add value to our daily lives. To achieve more and think further, Jasna likes working closely together with professional partners from around the globe. In January 2016, aged 23, she founded Jasna Rok, the first FashTech design studio in Belgium. She has won several awards : Leading women in STEM and Global Entrepreneurship, chosen by US embassy in 2017, innovation pioneer of Belgium in 2016. Jasna Rok provides a window to show the endless possibilities of technology and science today, by making them visible, tangible and understandable for the big audience through interactive fashion.

  • News and Press

    Our recent publications & press

    Jasna & Koen live @Van Gils en gasten

    Our first TV performance together, June 1, 2017

    Jasna & Koen featured in VOKA magazine

    An in depth interview with Koen, explaining his backkground, vision for the future and the logic to build something with Jasna.

    Jasna & Koen featured by FlandersDC

    A day in the live of Jasna, explaining her backkground, vision for the future and the logic to build something with Koen.

    Jasna & Koen featured in the Diplomatic World

    An in depth interview with Jasna, explaining her backkground, vision for the future and the logic to build something with Koen.

    How we help shape fashion of the future

    Clothes of the future will not only keep us warm or serve special occasions but will also improve our health and give us better insights into our emotional wellbeing.

    Every body gets its own sensor

    Great piece by DeTijd based on our vision on Wearables, Demals and Insideables

    Disrupting the Hospital ... in The Jane

    December 8, 2016, Healthcare Magazine covered the event organised by the Belgian Association of Hospital Directors (BVZD) about ‘Disruptive change in Healthcare’, where Koen gave the opening Keynote and served as Master of ceremony in the amazing **TheJane. As one of the mmersive experiences (VR glasses, check), Jasna presented Fashion on Brainwaves to explain how patients (autism, ADHD, ..), not able to communicate by classical means, can do via their clothes.

  • Topics we cover

    Digital transformation

    In healthcare, fashiontech ... or any vertical of your choice

    Bringing Delight to Healthcare

    And to your vertical as well

    IoT, wearables and really smart jewels

    Virtual & Augmented reality experiences

    With life experience

    Entrepreneurship 3.0

    Redesigning healthcare with your vertical as an engine

    How creativity thinking will guide you & your company into the future

    Interfacing your brain Fashion as a lifecoach

    What comes beyond digital?

    How to embrace an innovation culture

    How to recruit talent for tomorrows world?

    Human body as a digital interface

    Body augmentation and Body hacking